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Last Video Update from Tanzania

May 8, 2017
Hello dear friends!

I'm back in Colorado, settled in my parent's basement.  It's still hard for me to believe I've said goodbye to Tanzania.  The ministry opportunity I was looking in to here in CO didn't work out, so now I'm seeking the Lord's direction for possible jobs.  In the meantime I'm relearning how to be American.  Enjoying things like carpet and dishwashers, libraries and mountains, church services in English and hanging out with my parents.

I wish I knew how to express just how much each of you has meant to me over the years.  Some of you have journeyed with me from the beginning, others joined more recently.  Some of you have given a one-time gift, others have supported me monthly.  Some have shot up "arrow prayers," others have gotten on their knees and begged God when I was in the midst of an intense spiritual battle.  Some of you have sent an encouraging note just when I needed it, others have sent packages filled with goodies.  Thank you to each and every one of you for traveling this journey with me!  May the Lord bless you over and abundantly!!!

Here's a link to one final video update from Tanzania. Celebrate with me!
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