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Big News ~ The End of a Chapter

March 2, 2017
Dear friends, family, and ministry partners, 

Our lives are like a book, full of chapters.  I've come to the end of a glorious chapter in my life, and  another one is about to begin.  With many mixed emotions I finally send out this official announcement.  Many of you have already heard that I am leaving Tanzania.  Thank you to those who have already been praying, encouraging, and counseling me through this transition!  Please see the below letter for further details.  Many, many THANK YOU'S to each one of you for investing in my life and in children's ministry in Tanzania!  


Dear ministry partners,

After ten years as a missionary it is time for me to say goodbye.  Children's ministry is at a good place here in Tanzania, and it's time for me to be closer to my family in Colorado.  The last six months have been filled with prayer and seeking wise counsel; and though I'm grieving, I'm also at complete peace that this is the direction the Lord is leading me.  I'll be moving home the first week of March.

Some great things have happened in these years with children’s ministry.  We have new teachers in many of our village churches who are growing in their skills and confidence as teachers.  Also, my training partners, Justa and Happiness are planning to continue traveling together and conducting teacher training seminars.  There will be difficulties ahead I'm sure, but God is not leaving these dear people, and He loves Tanzanian children more than any of us ever could.  The Brouwers and Helsbys will continue to encourage and train pastors, as well as keep me updated on how kids’ ministry progresses.

I wish I could express just how thankful I am for each one of you, for your faithful and generous support, your many words of encouragement, and your holding me and this ministry together through prayer.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'm hoping to introduce you to many Tanzanian kids, and them to you, when we all meet "in the air!" 

As I look forward to beginning a new chapter in the states, I'm looking into the possibility of a new ministry near my parents in Colorado.  It’s a ministry involving missions and children's ministry, but also one for which I will need to raise support.  I'm waiting to see how God leads, but you may be hearing from me later this year! :-)

It has been a great honor to partner with you.

Because Jesus loves the little children,

4 comments on "Big News ~ The End of a Chapter"
  1. Love you Lisa. Have been praying for you all this week. So thankful for how God has used you in such a big way in these kids' lives. So thankful how He has planned to continue using you in the path ahead. Holding you in prayer through these next tough transition days. Hug. Love you.

  2. What we will do without you is another blog post!!! So thankful for your life, invested in others, to the glory of God. May He be made great in each of our lives. We will miss you so dearly! We love you!!

  3. Oh Lisa! Thinking of you so much this week. Praying for you as you walk in faith into all that He has for you in this next new chapter! So sorry not to be there to say goodbye! Lots of love, Rachel

  4. Sending our love and prayers as you follow the Lord in this journey of life and service. You are a precious reminder to us of the work that Christ is doing in and through His people around the world. All glory to God!!
    The Collins Family