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Hanging Out with Kids

June 7, 2016

Bible club is going well.  The first hour the kids play around in my "parking lot" while we wait for others to come.  I enjoy those early moments when there are less kids, and I have time to "hang out" and play and cheer them on.  Many of them soak up the positive attention like sponges.

This Saturday we will be finishing up our survey of the Old Testament and jumping into the life of Jesus in the New Testament.  I can't wait to start making connections between some of the stories of the OT with the life of Jesus.  

Last week was the first time the kids recognized that some of the great OT were pointing to Christ.  We read through a list of some of OT messianic prophecies, and then I said, "Hmmm, I wonder who this is talking about?  Whoever it is is going to suffer a lot."  Hands went up all over and several blurted out, "Jesus!"


1 comment on "Hanging Out with Kids"
  1. So awesome, Lisa! Keep soaking these sponges! And may they soak up loads of God's Word and squeeze blessing on all those around them! Bless you :) Rx