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When I Stop and Open the Door

March 29, 2016
I have this thing about giving people rides.  First, weren't we all taught since childhood that it's dangerous to pick up hitchhikers?  Second, am I a taxi?  Shouldn't you make plans for your own transportation?  Why do I have to be the one to give you a free ride?  It just rubs me the wrong way.  

Yet, what is dangerous in one culture is perfectly acceptable in another.  One day the Lord convicted me of how selfish I was being.  Justa was riding with me.  We had just finished an afternoon of Sunday school teacher training.  As I drove past people on the side of the road who were asking for rides, I suddenly saw it from Justa's perspective.  Why was I not being kind and showing Jesus' love?  Is it so hard to stop and open the door?

Since then I've been trying to be more willing to stop and help people.  Not everyone, and not if it's only men, but prayerfully.  And in the process I've had some interesting conversations.

One lady was looking for work.  She immediately shared her story of her heartaches and struggles.  I tried to keep veering the conversation to spiritual things, but she only had one thing on the mind... financial help.  It's a common response when they see a westerner.  When we had arrived I gave her a little money for lunch and then prayed for her.  She asked for my phone number... another common response.  I told her, sorry I don't give out my number.  Father, you know this lady.  You know how she's struggling.  Draw her to yourself.  Do a work of grace in her life.  Restore her marriage, provide for their physical needs, and help her see her greatest need for You.

Another lady I gave a ride to is a faithful member of a church.  She was more open to talk about spiritual things.  She was confident she was a good person.  But when I asked her further questions, she didn't understand about sin or why Jesus died on the cross.  Oh, how many good and moral church attenders are deceived!  What is her pastor teaching?!?  Lord, open blind eyes.  Use your Word to pierce this precious lady's heart.  Convict of sin.  Help her see her pride in trusting in her own good works.   Help her see the emptiness of being religious.  Convict me when I act the same way, impressed with my works and forgetting the cross.  Raise up more and more pastors who preach the truth, clearly and unashamedly.

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