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One of "Those" Days

February 23, 2016
Last Sunday was one of "those" days.  You know those days... where one thing after another happens?  One of those days where you just want to quick go to bed, because surely tomorrow as got to be better than today!

It all started while driving to church.  I was in the middle of a very congested area.  I didn't see him.  All of a sudden there was a scraping sound.  I looked out my rear view mirror and saw a bike carrying a load of bread toppled over.  The guy was standing there stunned.  My car now has a long scrape along the side.  One thing I've been told over and over is that if ever you are in a car accident of any kind here, don't get out, don't even stop, just head straight to the police (for my own safety.)  So I did.  I felt horrible leaving him there.  Ten minutes later I found a policeman and told him what happened.  We drove back through that area looking for him, then on to the police station.  He helped me tell another policeman in an office what had happened.  They both agreed that there was nothing to be done and sent me on my way.

I arrived at the first church in the middle of their song service.  Watching one of my young teachers-in-training is always fun, but I must say that day was not.  How many years of one-on-one training, and she's still reading out of the curriculum?!  Where was her Bible!?!

After the early service at one church, I had planned to stop in at another nearby church to see how our new teachers were doing after having just finished a month of training.  I was surprised to find all the kids playing around outside or sitting in "big church" during the message.  We prepared for that day's lesson the previous Wednesday.  What happened?  Then I realized the pastor was preaching a serious message from I Corinthians on immorality in the church.  At the end of the service he announced that one of our faithful Sunday school teachers was not permitted to teach for awhile.  I couldn’t stop the tears when I realized what it all meant.  Afterward I talked with that teacher and heard her side of the story where she claimed to be innocent.  She and I and the pastor kept talking long after everyone else had left the church.

After the hour drive back home, I ate lunch at three.  "Home," I thought. "Whew what a day, but it's over and it's time to recover."  Just as I started to settle down with a good book I heard visitors at my door.  My landlady showed up with four of her children for a visit.  We sat in my living room and chatted, with my house a mess and me in my "grubby" clothes.  Please don't misunderstand me... I love visitors... it was just the timing... and after all that I had already been through that day.

There had been no power all day, which means there was no water pressure for a shower.  Thus my long and exhausting day ended with a cold bucket bath.  And to top it all off, in the middle of the night my power went off, again.

I was never so happy for a Monday to come. :-)

And yet... looking back, there were a lot of silver linings in that very cloudy day.

The guy on the bike wasn’t hurt, the police asked me some questions, and then let me go on my way.  No bribes asked!  I also noticed they didn't even question my decision not to stop and help the guy!

At the first church, I was able to talk with the pastor about doing a training for children’s workers next month.  Several teen boys are ready and have been waiting for me to come so they can get started. :-)

At the second church, I’m thankful I was there.  I had a good talk with both the pastor and the girl.  (Things are still not resolved, please pray!) I have a new appreciation for how difficult it is for teen girls to stay pure here.  The battle really is a spiritual one. The enemy wants every girl to fall.

Making lunch that day, it hit me... normally all that going on in one morning would have really worn me out.  Instead I wasn't an emotional wreck, I was even up and making myself a decent lunch!  I think my kind heavenly Father dumped an extra bucket of grace on me!  :-)

My surprise visitors were a delight, I hadn’t met my landlady yet, as her grown children are managing their rental properties.  It was a joy to meet this lovely Tanzanian woman.   I hope to visit her soon.  There’s a Swahili proverb that says, “Kuishi kwingi, kuona mengi.”  Translated- To live long is to see a lot.  She seems to be a wise woman, someone who has seen much, someone from who I could learn much!

And nothing like a few cold bucket baths a month to make me thankful for my normally warm shower!!

2 comments on "One of "Those" Days"
  1. Oh, Lisa! Pole sana! Those kinda days are hard. Thanks for sharing the silver linings! Hope this week is going better for you. Love Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel! I know you've had some of "those" days recently too. He will never leave us nor forsake us!! :-)