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Good Medicine

January 25, 2016
I was reminded yesterday how important it is for me to stop and laugh.  My life is kids, but sometimes I get so focused on training and preparing lessons and strategizing about the best way to grow our children's ministry that I don't take time to just stop and enjoy the kids.  

They need good moments filled with giggles and belly laughter!

African village kids grow up in a pretty "rough and tumble" world.  One day in Sunday school I asked how many of them had ever gone to bed hungry.  Every hand shot up (almost 80 kids).  Every hand.  Talk about a sobering thought!  Discipline at home and at school is more often out of anger than love.  They carry heavy buckets of water on their heads, and hoe in the fields in the sun.  Relationships are often broken, fear of witchcraft is daily.  Life is just tough.  Much tougher than I have ever experienced.

Allow me to repeat, these kids need GOOD moments, filled with GIGGLES and BELLY LAUGHTER!

Yesterday in Sunday school my "teachers-in-training" finished all they had prepared, but the pastor was still preaching in big church.  So I came up with a quick "game."  The lesson was on God's calling Abraham to move without knowing where he was going.  So we pretended to pack up and move.  The boys went outside to gather the cows and goats while the girls helped me gather pots and pans and clothes in the classroom.  Then we all went for a walk, carrying our bags.  We walked up the road away from church.  Every 20 feet-ish we stopped and pitched our tent, cooked and ate and went to sleep.  Whew, it was a long the journey, our feet were sore, but we finally made it to Bethel.

The kids' faces were priceless, giggling while we ate our pretend meal in 2 seconds, laughing that we were so tired after walking 10 seconds.  At "Bethel" they gathered stones (and dried mango pits) and we made a little altar (3-inches high) in thanks to God.  Then we all raced back to our classroom, whooping and laughing.

Kids need lots of HAPPY moments.  May our Sunday schools always be ringing with laughter.

  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: 
but a broken spirit drieth the bones. 
Proverbs 17:22

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