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A Facelift and a Survey

January 29, 2016

Wow, I have amazing friends!  Thank you, Tammy Brouwer, for helping me give my blog a "facelift"!!   What do you all think?  I'm still working out some "kinks," so thanks for your patience.

Image result for social media clipartAlso, I heard some interesting advice recently for missionaries regarding social media, and I'm wondering now if I need to expand my horizons.  I've never had a Twitter account and was just about to close down my Instragram.  Should I?  I would love everyone's opinion.  There's a survey at the bottom of the blog, or you can share in the comments section.  My question is this:  What is your favorite social media?  Would you like to see your missionaries posting more on FB?  Tweeting or Instagraming? or something else?  

Social media does take a lot of time, but I also want to keep somewhat current with the times.  Would love to hear from you!
2 comments on "A Facelift and a Survey"
  1. This is your choice obviously, but I really like your blog and the emails I get. Most social media seems to be limited to only a few characters...not enough to really communicate much with. Even Facebook for almost everyone I am "friends" with, is limited to things like a picture with a comment like, "Isn't this great!"...and I have no idea what was so great about it. :D

    1. Thanks for sharing!! I appreciate your input.