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Dropping the Joy Bomb!

November 21, 2015
Kids waiting in "line" for a balloon at Bundilya
Balloons, tug-of-war, the gospel cube, and Bradley.  We just said good-bye to another short-term team from Montana.  Part of this group of 10 came to help build a parsonage (at Bundilya), and the rest came ready to love on kids all week, what one of my new friends likes to call "dropping the joy bomb!" :)  

We hired a daladala (van used for public transport) for four days.  Went to four different places, carrying balloons, sports equipment (even a parachute!), and a large gospel cube.  We played, we sang, we shared the gospel (one of the team taught and I translated), and we played again.  

Our joy bomb is working!
Too rainy to play outside at Kimaga

The teen boys on our kidmin team named our van, Bradley- after the Bradley tank.  Poor Bradley isn't very beastly in the mud we learned!  One night after finishing up at one of our remote churches, we piled in and started out.  We made it about 6 feet and then sunk in the mud.   We pushed, we pulled, we gathered stones and sticks and strong men.  Nothing.   Two hours later (almost dark by then), Dave Helsby arrived in his Land Cruiser to save us all from the cold and mud.  He pulled Bradley out of his pit and escorted us the 1 1/2 hour ride back home.  So thankful that we didn't have to sleep in the village that night! 

Despite the setbacks, I'm so glad we went.  Kimaga is one of our new church plants, with no kids ministry yet.  Kids heard the gospel at Kimaga, and His Word never returns void! 

Rescue arrives

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