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New Home

September 23, 2015

“Fundi” It’s one of those Swahili words that I love, it’s just so convenient.  It means a skilled worker.  A painter, mechanic, electrician: all are “fundi”s.  My life has been one fundi after another the last few weeks.  The  owners did tons of work on the house before I signed rental agreement- new tile floor, new kitchen sink and countertop.  Amazing! 

So what else could possibly need done?  Just a few things... Laundry hook ups on the back porch, outlet in the pantry for the frig (no room in the kitchen).  Light fixtures, paint, add extra shelves in the office closet, install towel racks, re-cut some of the new tile floor so that doors will close, figure out leaky plumbing.  New screen in all the windows to try to discourage the mosquito population. 

Moving day came.  Tim Jarvis, my landlord and neighbor for the last 7 years, helped me with a truck from his Bible college.  Tim, Dave and Jake Helsby, and several Tanzanian guys filled up that truck 3 times!  Thankfully my new house is only 10 minutes away!  Bill and Tammy directed traffic at the new house.  Beth and Rachelle (friends from Tumaini Orphanage) helped as did Becky and her girls.  Then we all had pizza and sodas for lunch. 

The day I moved in the electricity quit.  It didn’t seem to be a normal power cut.  I called my new landlord, and he had a fundi out there late that afternoon.  After climbing the pole outside my house and switching some wires around, all was fixed!  Did you catch that?  The very day that the problem occurred, it was fixed.  My new landlords are amazing!!

Many missionaries and expats here in Mwanza live in Bwiru.  Both the Brouwers and Helsbys do.  It is time I lived closer to my team.  Bwiru is also a much quieter part of town than my old house.  The first night in my new home, I had a brief moment in the middle of the night: It’s too quiet I can’t sleep!  It was ironically encouraging.  The thing that I least enjoyed in Isamilo I had gotten used to and actually weirdly missed.  It encouraged me that whatever it is that will be difficult about my new home I will be able to get used to it as well... after awhile.

And it didn’t take long to find out what some of my new struggles will be.  Bwiru is known for its power cuts.  I have been having a special welcome.  Tanzania is doing some work at their power plants which means extra power cuts.  My first 8 days in Bwiru, the power was only on for 2 of them.  Nights it came back on – sometimes 7pm, other times 9:30, one time 1am.  All the while there were no power cuts at my old house.  Makes me question myself a bit… “why in the world did you move!?!”  I’m ok though.  Gas stove, gas oven, and french press for coffee in the morning!  Who needs electricity anyway!! :-)

SO THANKFUL for God's provision of my new beautiful home...

View from the street.

Living room full of fundis
Living room, painted and lived in

Abby Brouwer helping me paint the dining room hutch.

Finished hutch.

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  1. WOW! This is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!