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June 26, 2015

Kahawa is Swahili for coffee.  I love coffee.  I don’t deny it.  I love trying new ways to make my  coffee every morning.  Cream, no sugar please!  I love filling my house with smoke while I roast coffee beans!  Some will say I’m an addict.  I don’t prefer the ‘A’ word, I prefer “hobby.” :-)  My favorite coffee right now is freshly roasted Tanzanian coffee in a french press.  

When Annalise and I spent 3 days on the islands in Lake Victoria, there weren’t many coffee options.  The first morning, the hotel offered breakfast including instant coffee powder.  To be honest, it’s really difficult for me to even say the words “instant coffee”... much less drink it… except when traveling.  Then I’m very happy when there’s an instant coffee option.  The next night our little local hotel didn’t offer breakfast.  We visited 7 churches that day.  The first church prepared a local breakfast for us: fresh fruit, cooked ground nuts, sweet hot tea, and soda.  It really was very good, and I didn’t even miss my coffee… until the afternoon when the splitting headache began.   I kept popping pain pills to try to lessen the throbbing.  Sad.  Yes, I guess the ‘A’ word applies.

The next morning, I had about a two minute conversation with myself that went something like this: “Well, you’ve survived one day of withdrawal. ~  I know huh, not bad! ~  Another week or so and you could wean yourself off of coffee. ~ Um, yeah.  Hmmmmm…  Nope, not ready to say good bye to a dear friend yet.”

The last morning I did what only a very desperate person would do.  I poured instant coffee powder into my water bottle, room temperature, screwed on the lid and shook the bottle.  I tried, I really did, but apparently I wasn’t that desperate!  Bleh!  Happily, while waiting for the ferry that morning, we had just enough time to stop at a street side “café”.  I asked the cook to boil us some water.  As we  were waiting, she brought out a little thermos and a bowl of tiny tea cups. We inadvertently had sat at the local hang out of the morning coffee drinking crowd.  :-) 

Tanzanian men love their coffee thick and chewable (grounds mixed in).  I went ahead and made my instant coffee and added some creamer (that I had brought in a ziploc baggie.)  But they had offered me their coffee as well.   Verdict?  I choose thick and chewable over instant coffee!   It was fun to share that moment with fellow coffee lovers.  :-)

I think for the next village trip, I’ll just bring coffee beans to munch on in the morning. :-)
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