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Island Adventure

June 8, 2015

Believers waiting to welcome us on the island of Sizu.

There are over 50 inhabited islands on Lake Victoria.  Annalise (a visitor who is staying with me this summer) and I got to visit 2 of the larger islands, Ukerewe and Ukara.  

Back Story: When I was raising support to move to Tanzania, God provided my own personal Swahili language tutor… my next door neighbor!  Pastor Arnold Egeler and his wife live across the street from my parents in Colorado.  They are retired missionaries, having spent many years on the island of Ukara back in the 60’s.  They would travel into Mwanza for supplies.  Now fast forward 50 years… I’ve lived in Mwanza now almost 7 years, and last week I finally made it to the islands to see where my dear friends and mentors lived and served.  

Egeler's house, now the local pastor's house.

Their house is pretty run down (they served there in the 60’s), and so is the church that they built, but I met lots of people who still remember them.  All over the island I heard things like, “I was baptized by Egeler” or “I played ball with his sons.  

Choir singing for us, in the church building that the Egelers built.

Our team getting ready to hop on a local fishing boat.
 Another joy was getting to travel with Pastor Steven Manyama and his team.  Steven is a pastor in Alabama.  He is Tanzanian, born and raised on Ukara, and discipled by Missionary Egeler.  Not only did I get to explore the home of a dear couple who have invested much in my life, I got to do so with someone else whose life has been touched by the Mwalimu and Mama E!    

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