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Igoma Seminar- March

May 2, 2015
Happiness teaching the Bible lesson in our demo class.

In March we had another training day, this time at our church in Igoma.  Anna, the pastor's wife has faithfully taught the kids for years now, often without any help.  It's time for a change. Five teenagers came and spent the day with us.  We covered some foundational topics like "Why teach kids?" and "What makes a good teacher?"  After lunch and a demo class, it was time for them to prepare a lesson and teach us. 
Memory Verse taught by Justa

New Igoma SS teachers planning out their first lesson.

Baraka is only 12 years old, but he came to the seminar, rarin' to go!  He jumped at the chance to teach the Bible lesson, and he's been teaching every Sunday since. :-)

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