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Is there anything too hard for God?

February 17, 2015
Driving out to Kikano a few weeks ago, I was pleading with God for His presence.  The last few times that I've met with our young Kikano Sunday school teachers, seemed somehow dry.  Like we're just getting used to each other and getting used to teaching the Bible without the Holy Spirit's life. Lord, save me from myself.  Save me from serving you in my own strength.  What am I really teaching these young Sunday school teachers, these new followers of You?  The Holy Spirit reminded me: just stick to the Word and prayer.  The Word is living.  It will do it's work.

I got there and we started as usual.  The lesson was on Abraham and Sarah and God's promise of a baby in their old age.  Is there anything too hard for God?  Ema (Ay'-mah, short for Emanueli), has been helping teach for the last year and a half (since I've been working with the three), but it's still difficult for him to learn and teach the Bible lesson.   Ema finished elementary school (I think he's 17 or 18 now), but reading is still difficult for him.  This was his week.  We went over and over the story, until he could remember the basic story line, then he told the story again practicing with the pictures so that the kids would be able to see them.

At the end we spent some time praying for each other.  I was about ready to leave when Shidja pulled out a little bundle of papers stapled together.  And this is where I started seeing God at work.  Normally papers means someone is asking for money.   The first answer to prayer is that I didn't immediately close my heart in skepticism... "does anyone see me as something other than a money tree?"

Shidja had passed her class 7 test (to get into secondary school), and she had been accepted at a boarding school in Shinyanga.  The fee would be more than 1 million Tanzanian shillings a year ($800ish).  Sheesh that's crazy expensive!  They all thought so.  Shidja wanted me to see but she really had no hope it was possible.  We all kind of "guffawed" together.

Then the Lord brought back to my mind the lesson we had just practiced five times.  "Is there anything too hard for God?"  I grabbed at the chance to make the connection.  Is a million shillings too hard for God?  A grandma getting pregnant wasn't! 

I told Shidja...  "If you can find 5 relatives to give $200 (ish) toward your schooling, then you've already got the first year covered!  (I'm learning that there is money in the village.   One cow can be sold for several hundred dollars.  Some families have a huge herd of cows.)  And I will be one of those five.  Let's make it a matter of prayer and see what God will do!"

Shidja especially seemed a bit shocked.  I could have been reading her face wrong, but she seemed to be thinking- "God cares about me like he did Sarah?"  

Oh, thank you, Father.  Thank you for answering prayer.  Please keep me desperate and crying out for you.  Don't let me waste such precious moments by settling into a "going-through-the-motions" mode.  Keep moving and working in Mihayo, Shidja, and Ema's lives.  Build their faith.  May their walk with you be real and personal and daily.

Shidja, Ema, and Mihayo trying their hand at a puzzle in my backyard.

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  1. Love this Blog! I remember sitting in these chairs not to long ago and sharing some stories of my life. I can testify that nothing is to hard for God! I have seen Him move mountains financially and in a persons spiritual life by the power of prayer. Never limit God! My friend Rita always says, don't put God in a box. Don't lock Him into a personal experience you had in the past where He guided you in a certain way. If He can create the moon and stars and place them perfectly in the heavens by his voice, then I believe He can rearrange any circumstance in my favor! When our hearts are right and we are seeking to bring Him glory He will guide and protect and reward you!