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November 20, 2014
Sometimes on the "front lines" one must retreat, regroup.  It's just too exhausting to stay in the middle of a battle day in and day out with no breaks.  I know nothing about military life and battle strategies, but I doubt front-line soldiers stay on the front lines for long periods without breaks.

Living here for 6 years I've learned that vacations are not just a nice perk (that I might deserve once in awhile yet struggle with guilt about spending the money to take them)... no, for me breaks are an absolute essential.  What good am I if I've allowed myself to become so exhausted and stressed that I no longer care about showing Jesus' love to others?

"Retreat!"  My Commander calls and I fall back.  How fun when my break this time was an actual retreat, a ladies' retreat put on by an amazing group of ladies!!  Fifteen ladies came from the states to Dar es Salaam to put on a 4-day conference for 50 missionary women.  Oh the generosity poured on us!!  THANK YOU, Vickie and the team of ladies from Pure Joy International.

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