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Craft time... African style!

October 20, 2014
Remember that previous post about tomatoes for snack time?  Here's an update...

Mama Paulina and Mama Yohana
The Sunday school class at TX is going GREAT!!!  For the last 2 months or so I've been meeting with Mama Yohana and Mama Paulina every Friday to help them prepare for Sunday's lesson.  

And how quickly they are catching on!  It took us a few weeks to get comfortable with each other, and even reading comprehension was a struggle at the beginning.  Then a few weeks ago Mama Yohana said, "Eh, afadhali, hofu inaanza kupungua."  "Whew, finally I'm not quite as scared as I was." (loose translation) :-)

This past Friday I was sick and had to cancel last minute.   I am Mama Yohana's ride out to TX, so they didn't get together to prepare this week.  (Pastor Mussa tried to go with his wife that afternoon, but one has to schedule several hours extra when traveling by daladala. They couldn't make it there and back and still have time to prepare.) I talked to Mama Yohana on Monday.  They still taught the kids!  Woo hoo!  

She said that Sunday school went really well.  They took the chance to review last week's lesson (on Jesus' childhood) and do a craft activity they didn't get to do the week before:  Build a village.  Oh, if only I could have seen it... the older kids folded little houses out of paper and the younger kids collected branches for trees.  A little "Nazareth" was formed in the dirt by little hands at TX! 

Another praise- one of the new believers who recently was baptized, Mama Joy, said she wants to come learn how to teach kids too!   Yippeee! :-)

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  1. I have been following all the posts from the Bowers and Helsbys. God is blessing in so many ways and answering prayer. All of you are in my prayers daily, the people of Tanzania are not just a picture on a card, they are in my heart. Every opportunity I get I share with our congregation the news I receive through Facebook and your e-mails. I am so thankful God allowed me to come and see the work He is doing through His faithful servants!