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Teacher Training Day at Kitongo

September 12, 2014

Just as a brick building is laid one brick at a time, so building a biblical foundation in a child’s life takes time… one lesson (spoken and unspoken) at a time.

Justa and I got to join Pastor John and his wife Milka in some brick laying on Saturday. :-)  The church at Kitongo hosted a teacher training day for Sunday school teachers.  

The morning started off cold.  Yes, cold!  I put on the skinny little hoodie and extra shawl that I had brought, but the wind still blew through my flimsy skirt.  Mama Baraka, one of the ladies who had volunteered to help clean and prepare our food for the day, noticed and offered to run home and get me an extra kanga.  So kind!   The sun showed up about 10am, ahhh. :-)

We had about 10 people sit in on our sessions (just 1 ½ hrs of classroom style teaching).  We touched on the biblical reason for teaching kids, what the goal of children’s ministry is, and how a kids class should be different than an adult worship service.  Then we split into 2 groups and started preparing for the next day’s children’s classes (older and younger kids).  After lunch kids started arriving for our kids program.  

The boy in the red shirt on the right is Baraka.  His father was part of his team.  First time teacher.  What a blessing to have some adults!!  And it was Baraka’s mother who loaned me the kanga.  Thank you, Lord, for families who want to serve you together!  Philipo (white shirt on the left) was also there that day with his mother.

Pastor John had gotten the word around that if you bring a friend, you and your friend get a special treat.  He had a bag a cookies ready to go. J  About 70 kids heard about their creator God that day.  Afterwards two of the teen guys Baraka and Habi (who have come to our seminars in the past and have been faithfully teaching the kids at Kitongo for 2 years now) took all the kids outside for some games.  Loved watching the boys and girls compete to see who could carry a bottle of water on their head while walking in a gunny sack.  Since the chore of getting water everyday (carrying big buckets on their heads) is a girl’s chore, you can imagine who won. :-)

4 comments on "Teacher Training Day at Kitongo"
  1. What a blessing to be able to identify with the names and the place that you are teaching! I continue to lift you and these precious people up to the Lord daily!

  2. Lisa!!! so great to read about 'the old neighborhood!' Carry on sister, carry on!

    1. Well, HI, Lauren! Do you miss your "old neighborhood"? :-) The church is doing really well. It was a real blessing to be there for the day! Thanks for the encouragement. Carry on yourself, sister. We are His light no matter what continent we're on.

  3. Lorita, I love it too, knowing that you've been here and can identify!! THANK YOU for your daily prayers!!