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Sunday School Snack... Tomatoes

August 19, 2014

We’re starting up a new Sunday school class at our church in TX.  When I first arrived 6 years ago, there was a huge crowd of kids.  But the class slowly fizzled out.  Kids grew up.  The church went through heartache and problems.  No one taught the kids.  But now, the church is at a different place.  Pastor Mussa, his wife, and his seven kids travel out to TX (from the city) every Sunday.  The congregation is small, but solid.  And now the pastor’s wife, Mama Yohana, and another young lady from TX, Mama Paulina, have come forward with a desire to learn how to teach the kids.

We met last Friday, and I introduced them to some Swahili Sunday school curriculum that we’re using.  We read Genesis 1 together, and looked at some different ways to teach about creation.  The lesson sparked some good discussion too.. "So where did God come from?" 

On Sunday we had about 15 kids.  Neither of the ladies grew up in Sunday school, so on Sunday we all worked together.  Mama Paulina welcomed the kids, led a song, and introduced the Bible lesson a bit.  I taught the lesson (on the first 4 days of creation), then Mama Yohana taught them Gen.1:1 with motions.   Afterward, Mama Paulina led a little competition of naming trees that God made.  The last activity was to bring in a piece of fruit.  Cut it open in front of the kids, show them the seeds and talk about our amazing God who created plants to reproduce themselves.  The pastor’s wife and I both forgot to bring a fruit, so on the way to church that morning I stopped in the center of the village of TX to buy some.  The only produce the lady had for sale were tomatoes and onions.  I bought 2 small tomatoes for 200 Tanzanian shillings (about 15 cents).  We brought them out in Sunday school, and Mama Paulina cut up those 2 little tomatoes and passed them out.   Everyone got a bite.  How many can say they've had tomatoes for snack at church? ;-)

What a joy to sit there and watch these 2 women (one never went to high school, the other was pulled out of school after 1st grade because her parents died and no one was willing to pay for her education) stand in front of those kids for the first time ever and teach!  We’re meeting again this Friday to prepare for Sunday.  Can't wait to see what will happen in the next few months.  Thank you, Lord, for working at TX!
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  1. You know tomatoes technically ARE a fruit :)
    Love all the tidbits you share with us about your ministry there!
    Blessings to you! Praying for you today :)