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New Side Ministry

August 12, 2014
I'm constantly being asked for Bibles as I visit our churches to teach Sunday school.  A Swahili Bible costs about $8, and they are available at little shops and even street vendors all over town.  Most of our churches are out in villages though and many of our church members have never been to town. 

We've tried different methods in the past of getting Bibles into their hands.  Many Bibles that were just given away never got read, nor did the recipients come back to church.  We had a system for awhile that if you finish sixteen Bible lessons (basic discipleship course) you would receive a Bible.  That also has fizzled out.  

Last year I started "selling" Bibles to my Sunday school teachers at half price.  At least Sunday school teachers should have a Bible, I thought, but I wanted to see if they really wanted one.  So I told them, "Ok, if you come up with half, then I'll pitch in half."  I was surprised at how quickly these teens came up with the money.

Others heard what I was doing.  A few weeks ago, a guy came to my house from a village an hour away to buy 2 Bibles.  Then last week I brought a bunch of Bibles to Bible college.  Over 20 Bibles were purchased!  I'm still in shock.  I guess they know a good deal when they see one. :-)  Pastor Pelegrino just texted me yesterday saying that this was a real help to our people and hoping that I would continue this "ministry."

So, I guess I'm officially in the "subsidized Bible ministry."  I'll keep a handful of Bibles in my car (wrapped up well as it can get rather dusty in the back), and see what happens.
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