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Catching Up

July 26, 2014
The longer I delay posting an update, the more there is to say.  The more there is to say, the more I'm overwhelmed at where to start.  The more overwhelmed I am the more I put off posting an update... and so here I am.  I need to start somewhere to break this sad cycle, so get ready for a very short update. :-)

Furlough- ended well.  Visited 29 of my 35 supporting churches.  Visited with many friends and made new ones.  So blessed.

Back in TZ- Since arriving in early June, life has been busy, busy.  (I brought back some of the busyness of life in the states back to Africa I think.)  Unpacking and setting up house again, having friends over, visiting friends, teaching VBS at Tumaini Children's Home, and helping to host a team of 11 people for 10 days.

So there you go.  Short and sweet summary of the past 5 months!

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