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10th Anniversary

July 26, 2014

Fumagira's church celebrated their 10th anniversary, and oh what a "shindig"! :-)  

We had the privilege of hosting a short term missions team last week.  Pastor Fred Conley, his wife Sharon, and 7 others from their church in Virginia, along with 2 of my friends from Kansas, came for a 10 day trip.  The Brouwers and I took them to see many of our churches, and a short trip into the Serengeti on safari, but the main reason they came was to join us for the big celebration.  Pastor Conley (Swahili- Mchungaji Fledi) planted this church 10 years ago when they were here as missionaries.  Oh what a JOY it was for all of us to celebrate together, especially for the Tanzanian pastors and believers who knew Fred and Sharon back then!

I was not prepared to teach the kids that day.  Normally we don't try to teach the kids during a big celebration Sunday.  It's just too chaotic, and it stirs up too much dust near the pots of food.  (or the cooks have set up their fires in our classroom).  But surprise, all the kids were dismissed from the big tent outside to have children's church in the main church building.  Now what?  I was so blessed to watch Magdalena (Pastor Petro's daughter) use all the enthusiasm she could muster to keep the kids' attention.  Magdalena (or Esther) used to be one of the kids that Mariamu and I taught there.  She and Sundi were always so alert, watching our every move, answering all the questions.  Now there they were, both up front, singing their hearts out with over 200 kids. THANK YOU LORD!

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