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Traveling begins

February 1, 2014
Furlough #2 has begun.  I left Colorado mid-January for a 4-month trip that will take me through Kansas, Tennesee, Virginia, and Ohio.  My first church visit through was right in Colorado, Grace Bible Church in Collbran, CO (6 hours west of home).  Mom joined me for the weekend trip.  Colorado will always be my favorite state!  It is theraputic for me just to drive through the mountains again. :-)

We stayed with a sweet family from the church.  It was fun to meet Jayla, my 9 yr old pen pal! :-)  She gave me a jar full of money she had been saving up over the year and 11 bookmarks she crocheted herself!  Thank you Jayla!!

This furlough I'm traveling with extra kangas (wraps from Tanzania).  In the 25 or so churches I'll be in the next 4 months, I wonder how many girls I can convince to try one on? :-)

Last Sunday I got to share at High Plains Baptist in Limon, CO.  I hadn't been there for over 6 years!  Less than half the congregation remembered me (more than I expected actually.) :-)   And my parents came along since it's only an hour and a half from home (why didn't I get a picture? grrr).  We visited with some long time friends all afternoon (thank you Keith and Marty and Evie!)  before I drove off to Kansas and my parents headed back home.

Three years ago when I was home for my first furlough, I visited almost half of the churches that support me.  So this time I'll be visiting the other half, all the churches that I haven't been back to since before I moved to Tanzania, 5 1/2 years ago.

So thankful that the journey has begun.  All (well most) of the prep work is done, (DVD, prayer cards, phone calls).  Now I get to sit back and drive and enjoy the journey. :-)
2 comments on "Traveling begins"
  1. Great to hear that things are going well. We're looking forward to having you here (NBT) on March 16th. So glad to see all of the ways the Lord has been using you and how He truly does take care of His own. I've been trying to show some slides and pictures of missionaries to our youth group lately, so it has been so helpful to find missionaries that keep others up to date. It makes those who may be halfway around the world . . . well . . . real. Praying for you and the work that God has for you.
    One of those first students,
    Nate Humphrey

    1. Well, hello, one of my first students. :-) Thanks for your encouraging words. So happy for you and Elizabeth. It's really hard for me to believe that you are NBT's new youth pastor. Exciting! but makes me feel way too old! :-)