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Did Pharoah really die in the Red Sea?

August 2, 2013

... One of the questions that one of the students from Nevina Primary School asked me.  "Of course he did... umm, I think."  I love that teaching makes me dig deeper.  I reread the passage that week and then read the passage to the kids the next week.  Final answer:  "We don't know for sure."  (Anyone done more study on Pharoah?)

Wednesdays are definitely a highlight for me.  Since I've been here, I've never actually gotten to teach through our entire chronological curriculum in one place.  It's so exciting to build on previous lessons.  After each lesson I ask the kids, "From today's story, what is God like?"  And "What is mankind like?"  It amazes me how quickly they've caught on to seeing God's character displayed throughout the books of Genesis and Exodus.  "God has all power,"  "God is patient with sinful people."  

Mama Gervis, the pastor's wife, leading the singing
Just a few more weeks and we'll be getting into the life of Christ.  Can't wait to make the connections~  God remembered and kept his promise to Adam and Eve so long ago to send a Deliverer!  Just like God provided a lamb for Abraham, so his son wouldn't have to die, He provided a Lamb for us too!  Just like the Israelites had to paint the blood on their doorposts, we need Jesus' precious blood to be applied to our hearts.
Mzee Babura, preschool teacher.  Such a sweet and humble man!

Navina is a small private school that meets in our church in Igoma.  It's not a Christian school, but most of the teachers are, and several seem to enjoy the lessons just as much as the kids!  The preschool thru 4th grade kids are a mix of all religions and denominations.  Last week we started getting into a discussion about what day the Sabbath is.  (Seventh-Day Adventist churches are common all over this region.)  The next week, I shared a caution that we just stick to the Bible and not get caught up in heated debates regarding differences of denominations.  According to Tanzanian curriculum, schools are to offer 1 hour of religious instruction every week.  Most bigger schools have several teachers from several religions and denominations come and the kids choose which one they want to go to.  I told the kids I'd much rather we all stay together if we can do so peacefully! :-) 

2 comments on "Did Pharoah really die in the Red Sea?"
  1. I've been teaching through the Bible with my Sunday School kids, and got to that part and taught that he died. But then The Bible (show that aired on the Discovery Channel in the US) showed the crossing of the Red Sea and him not dying, so I got my Bible out and realized it doesn't really say! Interesting!

  2. that is interesting, Jen. :-) Not that it really matters whether he died or not, but still it's a good reminder to me not to be too quick to answer kids' questions without doing my research!