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Big Step Forward in One-on-one Teacher Training

August 16, 2013
Like the teacher fellowship a few weeks ago, Wednesday was another encouraging bit of progress in  training Sunday school teachers.  I've been working with 4 teenagers every Sunday at the the village of Kikano.  They are all at different levels of education, different levels of what they are confident in leading in our children's class, BUT they all have equal amount of excitement in being teachers/ helpers in our Sunday School class.

This week, I attempted something that we have not tried in any of our previous churches or children's ministries.  I asked them to meet me during the week for a few hours to prepare for the next Sunday!  (I've met with individuals, but never all the teachers together.)

After teaching chapel in a school in one village,  I sat at a little local place for lunch (another story, another time!),  then headed out to Kikano to meet Mondesta, Shija, Mihayo, and Emmanueli at Mondesta's house.  In good Tanzanian style... I arrived at 3pm and the rest arrived after 4. Thankfully, it didn't bother me... could this be? am I starting to get used to life here?  or was it just a rare moment of good attitude?... not sure.

They came with notebooks and pens and Bibles and smiley faces.... oh they were excited!!  I showed them the lesson for this coming Sunday.  We read the passage from scripture, then read through the ideas from our curriculum.  Everyone wrote down our lesson title and passage of Scripture and memory verse.  Then asking for volunteers, we slowly started assigning different sections to everyone.  After talking things through and memorizing the memory verse together, we did a little practice class.  Each one got up and talked through his part so they could get a good feel for who was going to teach what and when. 

These teachers are young enough that they really got into our little practice class... we had such a ball!!!

I've been frustrated the last few years that so few adults help with the children's ministry.  They are mostly teen girls, and as soon as I get a few of them trained they up and get married and move away!  (Not that it's their fault, it's just frustrating).  We need adults.  They would bring stability and maturity to our classes.  On the other hand, I see now there are definite advantages of having teen teachers.  Quick to learn.  More chance of getting together during the week.  Energy.  :-)

Now to see how well they do this Sunday... :-)

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