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What will you leave behind?

July 10, 2013

My grandpa left something special in his will... a prayer.  A prayer that he recommended everyone pray... every morning.  My brothers, who took care of a lot of the details at the funeral, had copies of Grandpa's prayer printed out in his own handwriting for everyone to take home.

My grandpa was 90 years old.  He flew B-25 bombers in WWII.  He was a plumber by trade, and a follower of Jesus with all his heart.  He loved missions and spent countless hours in prayer for his family: his wife (also 90 yrs old), 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 16 (I think) great-grandchildren... who will all MISS him SO MUCH!  We were all touched by his life and love.  How grateful I am, and how much richer my life is because I had a grandpa like Ray Jardine.

I've typed out his prayer below.  Will you consider taking on his challenge?

When you awaken every morning, I recommend that you begin your day, even before you get out of bed, by saying to the Lord: 

"I want to thank You, Lord, for this new day.  I am absolutely dependent upon You to enable me today to live the life You want me to live and do the work You've called me to do.  I choose to abide in You today.  I ask You to make salvation the foremost thought in my mind, Your righteousness the foremost impulse of my heart, Your truth the foremost motivation and desire behind all I do, Your peace and wholeness the goal of all I want to accomplish.  I ask You to help me walk in faith against all forms of evil.  I ask You to quicken Your Word in my mind and in my mouth so that all I think and say will be in complete alignment with Your Word.  I choose right now to rely upon Your Holy Spirit to give me the direction, the guidance, the wisdom and the power I need every minute of this day.  I trust You to do this and I believe You are going to do this. Amen."
ABIDE- To blend my will with Jesus' will in submission to His will on a moment by moment basis so that I maintain a posture of brokenness and dependence on Him.

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