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Stories of Jesus

July 8, 2013
"One day Jesus was teaching and healing people, and so many people came to listen to him.  So, so many.  And they stayed for several days with no food... one of Jesus' disciples brought a boy's lunch to Jesus.  Do you know what was in that lunch?"  blank stares...

"Jesus took those little loaves of bread and fish and thanked God for providing and starting passing them out for everyone to eat.  They ate and were full, do you know how many baskets they collected full of leftovers?"  blank stares...

It's not often one gets to tell the stories of Jesus to people who have never heard them!  Yesterday, after church I went to visit Mondesta's family.  Mondesta is an eager teenage girl in our new church, Kikano.  She has been faithfully coming to my teen gals class in a neighboring church (walking 1 hr each way), and has started teaching a kids class at her church on Sundays.  This month I'm teaching with her, and last week I asked if I came to her home for lunch after church would she welcome me?  (it's culturally appropriate here to invite yourself over).  She was thrilled. 

Yesterday, Mondesta and 7 other kids piled into my car and we headed off for her house.  Following someone's directions (someone who has never driven, but who assures me there is a good path for a car) is a bit scary.  We followed a COW path for a half a mile or so (no tire treads that I could see), and arrived safely at her parents' home. The dry season is a good time for me to take on these new adventures, no mud to worry about! 

Mondesta and I in their "front yard"
Mondesta is the youngest of 7 kids.  She comes to church with her father, (who is already a great-grandpa!)  Her mother and most of her married sisters in the area go to the Catholic church.  After lunch, I asked Mondesta to help me talk with her mother (who knows very little Swahili).  I asked her questions about her past.  Rural and uneducated, she doesn't know when she was born, nor did she know much about what was going on in her country growing up (she was alive during huge changes... when TZ became independent).

I then started asking her questions (all through Mondesta interpreting) about the future and what she thinks will happen after we die.  We talked a little bit about the gospel and who Jesus was, but I felt like I was forcing the issue.  I'm trying to practice being in constant prayer when witnessing.  That time things just seemed to fall flat.  Then some girls wanted to get pictures taken.  After half an hour, I thought maybe my time was done, but Mondesta's mom sat me back down and said, "We're not done talking yet."  Then she said how she loved Jesus and wanted to hear more.  I was rather shocked.  I guess God had been working after all!

When I asked her who Jesus is, she was stumped.  She knew He's the Savior, but didn't know anything else. We talked about how He is God.  Then I told the story of Him feeding the 5,000 and that the next day the crowds came back for more, and how Jesus rebuked them for seeking him only to get food.

Mondesta then told an example that Jesus gave (that she remembered from our teen gals group) about if a child asks for bread, will his father give him a stone?  She didn't remember the meaning behind the example, so I talked a bit about how much God loves it when we pray. 

Mondesta with her older sister and nieces and nephews and neighbor kids in front of their home.
Then 2 more ladies arrived (relatives who live nearby).  With all the children, there were about 15 of us sitting around.  I'm sure most were just enjoying the novelty of a foreigner at their home.  Mondesta's mom asked for more, so I switched to the OT and told about Moses, the Israelites, and the bronze snake on the pole.  Then I mentioned how Jesus used that as a picture of himself.

I think we could have gone on several more hours, but I was exhausted.  I had already been there 5 hours!!  Mondesta's mom welcomed me back several times and then said she would come to church with Mondesta on Sunday.  WOO-HOO, my heart is leaping for JOY.  God was moving and I got to be a part of it!

I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love.

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  1. Love these stories of grace, Lisa! How exciting to US to see YOU be a part of His bringing light to the nations!Love you!!