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Quick trip home and family news

June 21, 2013
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After a month in the states, I'm back on African soil, and except for the jet lag (wide awake at 3:30am and desperate for a nap by 1pm) and the layers of dust over everything (dry season has begun!), I'm so glad to be home!

The month in my US home was such a BLESSING!  Normally family things happen, and I hear about them after-the-fact by facebook or skype.  This time I got to be right in the middle of it.  What a gift!  My two brothers led the funeral for my grandpa.  My uncle did the eulogy.  My oldest cousin and I shared a few memories briefly and another cousin did a slideshow.  My favorite moment was watching my Uncle Dan (whom I hadn't seen in over 15 yrs, because of certain issues that kept him estranged from the family) sitting in the front row with my other two uncles and mom and grandma... laughing at my brother's skits.  Yes, my brothers did some short skits in memory of my grandpa.  Kind of out of the ordinary for a funeral, but it was just perfect.  Grandpa was so ready to see Jesus and he would have wanted us to be celebrating.   And there was one thing that grandpa loved- skits by Peter and Andrew!  One of grandpa's good friends sang "In the Garden" and another man made a gorgeous cedar frame for the flag that was presented to grandma by the military.  (Grandpa was a WWII vet, flew B-25 bombers over Italy)  He touched a lot of lives in his 90 years.  Can't wait to see him again!

Love you Grandma!

I thought I might move in with Grandma for the month that I was home, she is 90 yrs old and now living at home alone.  But my Uncle Dave stayed with her the whole time.  That was also a real blessing for me to get to know him a bit more.  It was so sweet to watch him escort grandma to her favorite restaurant for breakfast (Burger King!), and fixing things around the house and working on all the paperwork necessary when someone passes.  We had several family picnics at Grandma's house. 

Also in the month I squeezed in tons of fun with all the nieces and nephews- biking and picnics, the Denver aquarium and Ringling Brothers circus, sidewalk chalk and kites and bocce ball.

The last 5 months or so, mom has been having some chest pain. While I was home I joined dad and mom on their journey of another round of dr visits and tests. Thankfully her heart is fine, strong. PTL! The drs are suspecting the pain could be a result of the radiation she had 2 yrs ago.  It will be a couple weeks still before they hear results from other tests.

And for those of you who are praying for my nephew Zachary, he recently turned 2!  The doctors are pretty much stumped.  They said they could keep doing tests, but don't know what else they can really do.  They said, who knows, as quick as knowledge and technology improves, maybe in a few years they'll know more and be able to diagnose him.  PediaSure has helped him gain some weight.  Still can't sit up on his own.  He goes to therapy 3 times a week, but he's happiest when he's at home hanging out on the living room floor.  He doesn't like lots of noise.  He's also quite the ham!!  He'll make the funniest faces!  And he likes performing. :-)  If he sees you're watching him and laughing he'll keep making the same goofy face just to get another laugh.  I love that little guy!  So great to be home and get to know him a  bit!
Mom with Zachary, Kaylee, and Pip

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