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Sunday school teacher training

May 7, 2013

It's always encouraging to rub shoulders with others who have the same goals/passion, isn't it?  Two pastor's wives and I attended a Sunday school teachers seminar that my friend, Beate, taught.

Beate has been translating and publishing a new Swahili Sunday school curriculum that I am SO excited about!  It's full of creative, age-appropriate ways to teach the Word using simple objects and visuals.  Two books are done, eventually there will be 16 books enough for 8 years of Sunday school!

This 3-day seminar was very practical.  Twice we walked to a local church where some of Beates assistants taught demo classes, so everyone could see the lessons taught "live."  Then the last day we gathered neighborhood kids together and the seminar attendees had to teach a class.  Justa and I gleaned lots of ideas for when we teach a similar seminar in September!

2 comments on "Sunday school teacher training"
  1. Hi, I too am working in TZ and I am trying to get my hands on some good lessons for our kids here. Sunday school lessons in Swahili, wondering what you use?

  2. Have you heard of the book shop- "Soma Biblia"? Right now we're using a new curriculum you can get there called, "Masomo Bunifu." Enjoying it a lot!!