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El Shaddai

May 7, 2013

...The Almighty God who is sufficient to meet His people’s needs

He is my El Shaddai, enabling me to adjust to life here.  After 4 years, I feel more “at home” here than ever before.  According to every missionary I’ve talked to on the subject, cultural stress comes and goes like waves.  Over the years it can get easier, but there’s no “getting over it.”  After one of those waves comes and goes, there’s a period of relief.  A chance to take a “breather” and enjoy the unique people and culture around you.  I’m in one of those breather moments, and I’m loving it. :-)

He is my El Shaddai, giving me opportunities and energy to teach His Word.  I continue to teach chapel at a small school every Thursday, and teen gals every other Saturday.  On Sundays I’m teaching the preschool Sunday school class at our city church.  This Saturday the teens at our city church are going out to visit and play with 50 kids at Tumaini Children’s Home.  I get to share a short devotional with the older ones about what does “loving one another” really look like.

He is my El Shaddai, surrounding me with the fellowship of many dear friends.  Young and old, expats and nationals, believers and unbelievers.  Several of my dear friends are leaving.  Good byes are never fun.  But it does make me so thankful for the great times that we have had together. 

He is my El Shaddai, providing abundant funds through my supporters.  In 4 years I’ve not once been anxious about finances!

Oh the JOY of learning to lean on my El Shaddai! 
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