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Rained out on Easter

April 2, 2013

My dear friend, Alicia, stayed with me this Easter weekend.  Here is her description of our rather disappointing day:

My Easter celebration was a little different than I had anticipated.  I’m staying in Mwanza with my friend Lisa this weekend so we awoke early to get ready to head out to the village church.  We got all dressed up in our eccentric African Easter dresses (ones we would never wear in the States, but so fun and fitting to wear out here), and headed out on our adventure.  First we stopped by the city church and stayed for part of their service so Lisa could greet some of her friends, wish them a happy Easter, and of course show them her new Easter dress. J  While we were there it started raining fairly hard and didn’t seem to be letting up.  We were a little worried about the roads heading out to the village, but decided to forge ahead.  After about a 30 minutes drive on some beautifully smooth paved roads, we turned off and began the trek on the muddy and slippery dirt road.   We traveled about 2 miles sliding all over the road and praying that we wouldn’t get stuck when Lisa made the wise decision to head back, especially since the rain wasn’t letting up.  Carefully and barely Lisa managed to turn around without getting stuck and we arrived safely back in Mwanza. 

 So we came home early, changed into our comfy clothes and attempted to make English muffins!  And they worked!   Yumm we had a nice Easter brunch (egg mcmuffins, fresh fruit salad, and fresh squeezed orange juice) at 4pm. :-)  

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