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New church plant

April 12, 2013
I'm not involved much when a new church is first being planted.  My job here is children's ministry.  A brand new church needs some time to get going a bit before they can start thinking about a children's class.  A year ago the Lord opened the door for two new churches to be planted.  

After both of these churches met under a tarp for a year, construction began on a building for each of them.  Both buildings were just completed last month!  Last Sunday was my first visit at one of these church plants in the village of Kikano (kee-kah'-noh).  

April is rainy season, and a rainy Sunday usually means low church attendance.  Well, not at Kikano!  There must have been 75-100 people there!  When the preaching started several teen gals (from my teen gals group, yay!) and I took all the kids out for a Bible story under the mango tree.

Trying to get the tarp into the tree
Unfortunately we didn't make it too long.  After introducing ourselves and singing a few songs it started sprinkling.  I started telling the story anyway.  A mango tree is usually great for shade or as an umbrella in the rain; its foliage is very thick.  Our poor little mango tree is still a bit young I'm afraid.  Even standing under it I was getting wet!  Then an elder of the church brought us a big tarp.  He and another guy tried to tie it up in the tree for, but as they were fighting to get the tarp secure the rain got harder.  We all decided to give up and ran back into the church.

Drying off in "big" church

Pastor Petro was preaching on the rich man and Lazarus from Luke 16, or so I was told.  Our Tanzanian pastors usually preach in Sukuma, their "mother tongue," out in village churches like these.  Though I didn't understand a thing, I enjoyed just sitting there and observing and praising our great and mighty God for how He is building His church.

Almost 2 years ago, Mr. Bonifas started attending our church in Fumagira and pleading for a pastor to come and start a church in his village, Kikano.  Among all the leadership, missionary and Tanzanian, I don't think there was one person who thought it would be possible.  There was no one to go.  The pastors' schedules were full as it was on Sundays.  Sorry, maybe some other time...

Clearly God had other plans.  He slowly opened doors until here they are today, an excited young fellowship of believers meeting in their own building!

May Jesus Christ be praised!

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