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Bundilya Video

April 17, 2013
On Sunday we headed out to the village of Bundilya for a celebration of a new church plant.  What a HUGE blessing!  This church has been meeting under a tarp for a year now.  Because of the generosity of all my supporters, I was able to provide the funds for this church building (about $8,000). THANK YOU!! 

How exciting to sit in the middle of 150-200 people who were belting out praises to their Savior!  Another village church's choir came to sing and join in the celebration (about 30), along with the choir and church members of Kitongo.  Two young men from Kitongo helped me teach the children, the first ever children's class at the church.  Pray that we could start a children's ministry at this brand new church!

My teammates, Bill and Tammy Brouwer, put together this video.  Enjoy! :-)

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  1. It's also posted on my FB wall if this link doesn't work.