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March 26, 2013

Some friends and I had been planning for over a year that one day we needed to vacation in Zanzibar.  Last month it finally happened!

Zanzibar is a group of islands off the east coast of Tanzania.  They are a part of the country of Tanzania even though they have their own president and elected officials.  Zanzibar is 90% Muslim.  The main island, Unguja, is the one most tourists visit.  And even on the "off season" there were tons of us tourists!  It was so nice to be in a place where they are so used to white faces they didn't stare. :-)  That was enough of a vacation right there!

Beth and Alicia and I traveled to Kigoma last year.  This year we were joined by two new friends, Tiffany and Shannon, volunteers who had come to work with Beth at Tumaini Children's Home.  Five single gals romping around, can you just imagine how much fun we had?

The first 2 days we spent in Stone Town, the old, historic part of the island.  Zanzibar has quite a smorgasbord of cultures in their history.  Portuguese rule to sultans from Oman. It was also a main port used in the East African slave route.  Stone town is most famous for its intricately carved wooden doors.

  Many spices are grown on the island- cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom- just to name a few.  We got half of a "spice tour" in before we got rained out.

After 2 days in town, we took a 1 hr taxi ride out to the east side of the island for some "fun in the sun."  The best/worst part of the week was the snorkeling.  Best because the snorkeling was GREAT!  Saw tons of unique, colorful fish, swimming in the gorgeous, turquoise water.  The worst because most of us got burnt/ sick from getting too much sun plus getting dehydrated!  What a way to ruin our own perfect vacation!  Oh well, it was still a glorious vacation, spent with dear friends!

Echo Beach Hotel in the town of Bwejuu
We really should have gotten a picture of our hosts at the hotel, Sue and Andrew.  They took such good care of us!  Sue came to our rooms several times to help nurse the sick, and made arrangements for the one who had to go back to town to the hospital.  So thankful for how God shows us His love through the kindness of others!

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