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March 28, 2013

Kids in red and blue surround me, so excited.  Then more come, and more.  They squeeze in for a group hug that eventually PUSHES me over.  Then little ones are on the bottom of the pile crying.  Hmm... not a great start to the day.

Every Thursday I head out to the town of Igoma (about a 30 min drive) to teach Bible class at Navine Elementary school.  There are about 50 kids, preschool-3rd grade.  The first month they were pretty reserved around me.  But their welcome has gotten more and more excited until today when we had the PILE UP!  We had to have a serious talk the first part of class about the appropriate way to welcome a guest.  "Thank you so much.  I love it that you love when I come!  But it's time to learn a different way to show me your love." 

I'm taking them through a chronological overview of the Bible, emphasizing stories that point to Christ.  Today we learned about Noah.  These kids are pretty "un-churched." Only a few had even heard the name Noah.  What blesses my soul more than anything is that they remember past lessons!  Today when I reviewed about Adam and Eve I asked, "What were some of the consequences for disobeying God?"  An older boy answered, "A son of Eve would come and crush Satan's head."  Woa!  I was blown away, I can't believe they remembered God's great promise!  I really can't wait when we get to the New Testament in a few months and I get to introduce who that "son of Eve" was!!

2 comments on "Madam LIIIIIISAAAA!"
  1. Oh Lisa, so exciting to read. I gather the skinned knees after "Matthew, Mark Luke and John" we introduced them to, are all healed!! I can so just see them all and indeed their shyness.
    Loved reading about Zanzibar as well - I suggested to Jim as to whether we can fit that in next time!!!!
    God bless

  2. Hi Susan, ooh good, I'm glad you said "next time." The kids ask about you a lot. "When is Madam Susan coming back?" The school has been moved to a new place, not near as big. I teach mostly in Swahili, they just can't understand my English. I add a few English words here and there. I need to work on my British accent, maybe they would understand me better. :-) Blessings to you both!