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March 1, 2013

   I don't know why, but I find bugs fascinating (and birds and flowers and sea creatures).  I just love pondering how creative our God is.  And living here I get to see so many new things I've never seen before.

  This stick bug came to visit me while I was doing some homework at language school.  Can you see him waving from the other side of the wall in the first picture?  He had 4 legs and this 5th leg/arm thing that he used for walking and feeling.  When I got too close and startled him he stretched out that 5th arm straight ahead as if it was part of the "stick" and stayed motionless for at 1east 15 minutes!

  Unfortunately this story has a sad ending.  He was such a slow mover that I forgot all about him.  I worked around our tent for awhile, came back to my chair to settle in for more homework.  Then I stretched out my legs onto the wall.  And completely squished him!  Oh, so sorry mr. stick bug. :-(

While we were snorkeling over some coral reefs off the coast of Dar, it was like I had stumbled upon a whole new world.  If that little island we snorkeled from had been in the states there would have been lots of advertising and high fees and rules about where to go and where not to go, what to touch and what not to touch.  But there in Dar I didn't have a clue what we would see under the surface.  We went to relax on the beach and decided to rent some gear just in case there might be something worth seeing.  Oh brother, I was FLABBERGASTED!  (don't you just love that word?)

After putting my face in the water and let myself get used to breathing through a tube we started out where we had seen some others snorkeling.  Sand, then sea weed, then ...what?  what is that?  This large, round, yellow rock, but too smooth for a rock with an impression in the middle.  Then another large thing but purple.  Coral!  I had no idea there were so many shapes and colors and textures of coral!  And then all kinds of colorful plants and fish.

Have you ever been snorkeling at a coral reef?  I'm told where we were that day was not that big of a deal as far as coral reefs are concerned, but for this Colorado girl who's done very little snorkeling ever... I was blown away.  I was swimming 4 feet above God's secret Garden of Eden that most of the world has never seen!

I stayed out as long as time allowed that day and some of my favorite sightings were angel fish; a long-legged red starfish; a big, fat fish who was yellow with black spots and had a tiny little tail; and a sea cucumber at least 2 feet long!

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