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Teen retreat

January 4, 2013
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (9:10)

"Fearing God is recognizing who He is and who I am under Him."

"A man who does not fear the Lord, has not even begun to be wise.  Fearing God is just the starting point to becoming wise."

"Fearing man's opinion of me is like setting a trap for a bear and getting caught in it myself."

These were all topics at a 2-day teen retreat the weekend after Christmas.  I was asked to come help teach the girls.  Our "loose" theme was the book of Proverbs.  Dan Eads (another missionary in the area) taught in the main sessions on wisdom and the fear of the Lord.  I was challenged to look at my own life.  Do I truly fear of the Lord in my normal, daily routine of life?

Then when we split up, the girls and I looked at the lives of 3 women in the Bible; Ruth, Abigail, and Tamar, and what life lessons we can glean from them.  We looked at topics like diligence, money, purity, and humility.  I still feel a bit awkward standing up in front of Africans and teaching that God doesn't see our economic status; He sees our heart.  That "better is little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure and trouble therewith."  Who am I to talk?  I've never gone to bed hungry in my life, whereas every face staring at back at me has, multiple times.  Why should these girls listen to me?  I got their attention though when I shared what recently happened in Newton, CT.  America is no paradise, and getting wealthy doesn't make you happy. 

In between all the teaching times we ate well, and played lots of games (indoors the 2nd day because of rain.)


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