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November 5, 2012

Time for morning "uji."
FRIDAY:  For Bible time at Noah's Ark Preschool we are doing a series on animals in the Bible.  First was Balaam and his donkey and then last week, Elijah being fed by the ravens.  It was SO CUTE to watch little Prosper (the boy on the right) don his little prophet outfit (a red kanga I had brought) and sit by the river (blue kanga) and pick up imaginary pieces of bread that the birds had dropped.  I WISH I would have taken a picture!!!

Justa serving up the morning's porridge.
Preschool hours there are 8am-12pm, Monday-Friday.  Every day around 10:30, the kids get a cup or two of "uji."  The Swahili word for "porridge."  Sometimes Justa will make their porridge out of corn flour, water, and sugar.  And other days (when parents have paid their fees), the porridge is a combo of millet flour, gound up peanuts, ground wheat, and whole bunch of other things. It's actually very healthy. After eating uji almost every Friday for a year, I'm a total fan!

SATURDAY: I had big plans for our teen girls ministry this weekend.  We were going to play tons of water games and eat watermelon.  Well, we ate the watermelon anyway.

Finishing the morning with sticky faces. ;-)
The weather had been so cold and rainy all week that I had no faith we would have good weather that morning.  I brought 5 water balloons (instead of a whole bucketful).  We actually did have really nice, sunny weather, but many didn't come.  That morning many of the girls had to go to school to sign up for their final exam to finish their school year.  Only 2 came for games (girls I had invited from another church and picked up on the way).  The first girl from Fumagira came in time for the devotional (on Lydia), and 3 more girls showed up  half way through the lesson.

Many girls or few, I'm grateful for the chance to teach!  Our theme this year is 1 Pet.3:3-4, and we're looking at different women in the Bible.  Each week I ask, "As we read this story, look for the ways this woman displayed an inner beauty."  Lydia.  She was a businesswoman, yet she took time each Sabbath to join with other Jews in worship.  She had a heart that was actively seeking God.  We read Jer. 29:13 and Jas. 4:8, and I encouraged them to think about their own heart.  What do they really want?  What do they think about at night when they are alone with their thoughts?  And I encouraged them, this is something ANYONE can do.  God promises, if you seek Him with all your heart, you will FIND Him.  What a PROMISE!

SUNDAY:  Pastor Deli and Justa, their 2 girls Maria and Rachel, and I traveled out to a church plant in the village of Nyamasale.  Before the service, Justa and I taught the children.  She led the singing and taught the memory verse, Psa.119:89; and I taught the lesson on what the Bible is and where it came from.

Diana (in purple) leading a song.
Then during the service, we took the kids out, and the Nyamasale teachers taught the class.  Diana reviewed their story from last week about Abraham, and then Daniel led a game.  Over-and-Under, where the kids stand in a line and pass the ball over a head, then under some legs all the way to the end of the line.

Older kids caught on to the game pretty well.
Oh I WISH I could describe how CUTE it was to watch these little village kids figure out this game.  Some were totally clueless.  Others caught on right away and were pretty serious.

After the service, Justa and I met with the four local teachers.  We praised them for how well they're doing and shared that we were here for them.  And to let us know if there was any specific way we can be of help.

It's quite the journey out to Nyamasale, plus the driver can never leave early when she is carrying the pastor of the church.  We left town at 8am and didn't get home till 4:30.

The younger kids needed some help, ok a lot of help!

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