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A Normal Day

November 8, 2012
People sometimes ask me... "So, you teach on Sundays, what in the world do you do all week?"  I don't blame them for wondering; it is hard for me to answer.  Each day is different, but each day is always full.  Take today for example...

After exercising and having my quiet time, I got caught up on some emails, then worked on what will be our new Sunday school material.  Steve Lyons, a missionary in East Tanzania, has written 37 lessons, chronological "storying" through the Bible.  I've begun turning these lessons into a Sunday school curriculum.  The content is very similar to what we are already using, but it's already finished, and thanks to Mr. Lyons's generosity, no big copyright issue.  Today I picked a memory verse for each lesson.

I also reviewed my preschool lesson for tomorrow:  "Jonah- God can use any means to teach us to obey, even a big fish!", and started studying for my next teen girls lesson:  "Priscilla- are we helping to build our church or helping to tear it down?"

I spent some time reading from MacArthur's book, Charismatic Chaos, cleaned my car, dealt with a plumber about putting in a new faucet in the guard's bathroom, and made dinner.  And wrote this blog. :-)

...So there ya go.  Other days I'm running errands in town, like getting my car worked on, or getting a haircut, or collecting supplies for my office or for teaching, or working on getting my driver's license renewed, or residence permit renewed, or car insurance renewed.  You get the idea.

What do I do all week?  I don't know, but every day is full. ;-)

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