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October 24, 2012
One thing I'm always on the look out for is Swahili Sunday school material... and it's quite the scavenger hunt let me tell you.  There's more out that than you might think... than I at first thought.  Many missionaries over the years have prepared different materials.  I have finally learned the key: "networking."  We do have a small Christian book store in Mwanza, but most things have not been officially published.  Rather it's who you know.  

For over a year I worked on translating some material for our village Sunday school teachers.  Only now to discover that another missionary has already completed some lessons that are very similar (and actually more age-appropriate).  Then I met another missionary who has added children's activities to go along with those lessons.  All from emailing friends of friends and meeting new friends while on my trip to Dar es Salaam.  It's all about networking.

My friend and I have decided that if we ever get the chance to work with a computer-savvy guy, we're going to start a website for the sharing of Christian Swahili resources.  Anyone up for the challenge? :-)
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