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"You've won a free trip!"

September 10, 2012
Don't you ignore phone calls like this?  "Sure... and what's the catch?"  Unless it's your friend calling, then it's... "Really?  when and where?"

That's the phone call I got a few weeks ago.  A free 2-day trip... into the Serengeti!  Have you ever gotten a phone call like that before!?!

Tim Jarvis, fellow missionary and my landlord, was back in TZ for a few weeks in the middle of his furlough.  He was hosting a team of 30 some people, a missions trip from one of his churches.  The team was heading into the Serengeti (they had to rent FIVE safari cars- what caravan!) and they had an extra seat.  As a thank you to me for helping take care of things on the property this year while he and his wife are gone, he gave me a the seat!  What a gift!!

Ever wondered what's the Serengeti is like?  Here's a few pictures, but as we all know... pictures just don't do the place justice.  You just have to come visit yourself!

Sunrise in the Serengeti

The top of the safari car lifts up so you can stand up and take pictures.

Apparently even giraffes need to sit down once in awhile.

Can you find the cheetahs?
We were looking too. :-)
There they are.

Heading to the "hippo pool."
There must have been 2-300 hippos!


A hyrax enjoying the scenery with me.
The Serengeti is 5,000sq miles, about the size of the state of Connecticut. :-)

Anyone up for a hot air balloon safari?  Looks SO fun... someday.

Thank you Tim and his team for an awesome trip!

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