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What a week!

September 10, 2012

Sunday School Teacher Training Seminar
August 6-10,2012

Thank you to all who gave and prayed for our teacher training seminar.  It went so well.  Definitely the highlight of my “missionary career” so far! :-)
One of the goals for the week was that our teachers would grow in their ability to prepare and teach a Bible lesson.  We looked at the basic parts of a lesson, and how to choose one main truth and apply it to the children’s lives.  We worked through putting a lesson together and adding creativity to keep the kids’ attention.

Another goal was that our teachers learn how to PLAY with their kids.  We had a session on the philosophy behind playing games in Sunday school, and during the week we taught them several new games.  

          Seminar stats:
          42 attendees
          11 churches represented
              13 new games played
          180 cups of tea  during morning “chai break”
              37- age range between the youngest attendee (12) and the oldest (49)
              1 1/2 hours- the time it took a brother and sister to walk every morning 
                  (and then again in the evening!) in order to attend

After two days of instruction and practice, the teachers were given the chance to try out what they had learned.  It’s one thing to sit in a class and discuss how to teach; it’s another thing to stand up in front of a bunch of little faces and say something meaningful.  Justa, my Tanzanian teaching partner, and I gave a demonstration that morning, and then the rest of the morning and early afternoon, the attendees in their four teams prepared their own class.  It was such fun to watch everyone in action that afternoon, teaching the story of Jonah and playing games with neighborhood kids.

One main truth we emphasized throughout the week is that every child has the same basic need: LOVE.  Even if we as Sunday school teachers mess up the Bible lesson and forget how to play a game… if we’ve loved our kids, then we’ve succeeded.  If nothing else, I pray that this is the lesson that will not be forgotten from our 2012 seminar.

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