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September 30, 2012
One of the big pluses of being single is that it's easy(-er) to travel.  Just pack and go.  And one plane ticket is a whole lot cheaper than 5 or so.    Should I not take advantage of the advantages?! :-)

Last week I spent a week with my dear friend, Beth.  She lives about 1/2 hr away with two other missionary families and 50 kids at Tumaini Children's Home.  She has her own apartment and even a guest bedroom.  Their "compound" is way out in a village and wonderfully QUIET (I'm back in the city right now listening to an SDA preacher going on his 3rd hr of preaching; a choir is practicing with speakers booming, and a few other places are blaring their music which all melds together to make a very noisy neighborhood!)   I just reveled in the silence at Beth's house all week.

As administrator, Beth takes care of all kinds of details and issues to keep everything running.  We cleaned out a storage room and organized homework papers, but my favorite part was around 5:30pm, when all the kids come home from school.  All their little grins.  They know the routine- bathe and change out of their school uniform, then bring homework to get checked by "Shangazi" ("Aunt"- their nickname for Beth).  After that, dinner some free time then bed. 

Two mornings I spent at "The Eads Home Academy"- helping 2 MK's with their homeschool.  One night we had a massive game of "Settlers of Catan" and another day we went on a picnic- kinda.  It was such fun to hang out with other missionaries for awhile.

This week I'm hopping a plane to Dar es Salaam to visit another friend, Beate.  More fellowship and "recharging my batteries", but also a chance to share ideas and get some advice.  Beate is a German missionary who has been in children's ministry here in TZ for 18 years! 

2 comments on "Traveling"
  1. Hi, Lisa! This is Rachel (Stata) Boaz. I've been enjoying your blog and seeing how God is working in and through you! I took short-term trips to Kenya and Namibia, so I love the details you share - reminds me of those life-changing trips I got to do. My husband is a pastor and we are in Texas now... my family's blog is I'll be following and praying for you!

  2. Hey Rachel! Thanks for your encouragement and the blog invite. :-) There's something about Africa that changes one isn't there? Not always easy, but still I LOVE it! You all have an open invitation if you ever have a hankering to come again. :-)