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To all my fellow perfectionists...

September 21, 2012
People have often told me that I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  I've always agreed with them, but it's only been recently that I've started to see that it really is true.  After all... isn't it right that I should try to do everything with a whole heart to the glory of God?  Where does "striving for excellence" turn into perfectionism?

I have no answers yet.  I'm still just beginning this journey of breaking free from perfectionism.  I'm just now accepting the fact that I am one!  

One thing I have seen though.  Perfectionism for me has has to do with CONTROL.  I have my agenda for the day, what I'm going to do to serve the Lord, and I try with all my might to get 'er done!  But in the process I've forgotten God.  I've taken over the driver's seat.  I'm not walking by faith, allowing Him bring into my life whatever He wants for the day. 

What about you?  Do you see any perfectionism tendencies in your life?  What insights has the Lord taught you?
I've found a verse for all of us perfectionists:
Psa 119:96 
 I have seen an end of all perfection; But thy commandment is exceeding broad. 

As one commentary explains: "I have seen that all human wisdom or knowledge, however extensive, noble, and excellent, has it bounds, and limits, and end; but Thy law, a transcript of Thine own mind, is infinite, and extends to eternity."

The Word of God... now that is PERFECTION!

2 comments on "To all my fellow perfectionists..."
  1. I can relate completely with you! God is working on me!

  2. Isn't He so good, Lorita, to PATIENTLY work with us!!! Thanks for stopping by. :-)