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My new hobby

September 16, 2012
small dahlias
Question:  What does a single missionary in Africa  do for fun?

Answer: Garden! :-)  It's becoming my new passion.  I love stopping at the on-the-side-of-the-road nurseries and meandering through their "aisles" for unique flowers. 

And things grow so fast here.  I meander through my little backyard "Garden of Eden" and discover new blooms almost daily.  God is such a creative Creator... the colors and textures and even the way different flowers grow.  I am in awe.

I've got two baby palm trees adjusting to their new home- one coconut, the other banana.  Some hydrangea plants that I don't think are going to make it, a little clump of sweet william, and some thriving begonias.

This is one of my mystery flowers.  Anyone have any idea what it is?

The only reason I've gotten hooked on gardening is that one of our new outside workers (who mans the gate, feeds the guard dogs, and keeps the property cleaned up) is also a gardener!  Give him a pile of cow manure and plenty of water and he can work magic. :-)  Last week he spent one whole day planting grass.  No, not laying sod...planting grass- one blade at a time! 

Thomas finishing up his day of grass planting.
In the picture, the little section of green on the right was planted a few months ago (and looked like the section on the left) and "baby-ed" with plenty of water till it filled in.  Then last week Thomas dug up little sections of the established grass, and painstakingly cut and planted each little blade.  In a few months I'll have a back yard of green!

Doesn't this man deserve a medal in patience?  Is there an American in existence who would do such a job?  Believe me, he's getting a bonus this month. :-)

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