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The Last Month

July 13, 2012
Life has been busy, busy, busy... but now it's time to get back to blogging. :-)

The last two weeks of June, Lake Victoria Baptist College had its summer term.  I helped as much as I could with grading and running errands behind the scenes while missionaries Greg Wagoner, Bill Brouwer, and several guest teachers taught the block classes.

The second week an intern (from West Coast Baptist College in CA) came out to visit.  Leslie Cook is a Senior Science Ed major who loves to travel and loves missions.  It was her first official missons trip, and she was game for just about anything!  Since she was getting credit for school she had plenty of requirements, including 20 hours of Swahili study at the local language school, reading her testimony in Swahili in several churches, passing out Romans booklets, and visiting out in the villages.  It was such fun to be her host and to introduce her to both the life of a Tanzanian and the life a missionary in TZ. :-)

Israel, it's history, culture, and future was the theme of the second week of Bible college.  Two guests teachers came from the states to teach while Greg and Bill translated.  The last evening a special "seder supper" was planned, a Jewish Passover celebration.  All that last week Leslie and I collected supplies for the special evening.  We had a whole list: white tablecloths, candles, glasses, horseradish, parsley, etc.  Amidst Leslie's language classes and passing out Romans booklets, we also spent hours in town checking things off our list.  And in good African-style, we did lots of improvising.  Instead of parsley... cilantro.  Instead of fresh horseradish... a horseradish flavored mayonnaise.  Instead of lamb shank bones... chicken leg bones.  Crackers instead of matza, and applesauce instead of "haroset."  I'm not thinking an Orthodox Jew would have been too happy at our Seder, but we did the best we could and I think our Bible college students were pretty impressed. :-)

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