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"The cow is like our mother."

June 9, 2012

I've had lots of great talks with villagers (animists) about Christ...(well I should say, I talk to them a lot.  But most are pretty secretive about what they truly believe.)

I've talked to a few Muslims when I get the chance.

But last week I had my first chance to talk with a Hindu.  I was buying some plastic chairs for me new backyard.  The owners of the little shop are a husband and wife team.  The wife is very animated and friendly, and she looks WAY younger than she is.  (Rehka looks about 25, but she has 3 kids, and the oldest is 19!)

As we were waiting for the chairs to come from another shop (because I'm the picky mzungu who wants a certain color) we started chatting.  When I had been there before she had asked if I liked pickles and promised to make me some.  This time, I teased her, "So, where are my pickles?"  "Oh"... jumped up and ran off.  She quickly came back with a jar of "Mixed Pickle."  Nothing like any pickle I was expecting.  Rather it was a jar of mixed veggies including mango, and carrots.  The 4th ingredient is "chilly."  Does that tell you anything?  Indians love their spice.  And for some reason it's oily.  

My first question.  "So, what do you put it on, beef?" 
"Ah,"  She was shocked.  "You eat meat?" 
"Well, yes, you don't?"
Right then her husband piped in, "Oh no, cows are like our mother.  Would you eat your mother?"

I was stunned at the complete silliness of his answer.  It was all I could do at first not to laugh.  I felt like asking, "Have you seen a cow, recently?  Are you sure you would like to make that comparison?"  But thought better of it.  That might not be the best way to build a relationship with these people.

Two thoughts struck me from his comment.  One: how all the world has been led away by Satan's lies and how much this must BREAK the HEART of our Heavenly Father!  and Two: how the deceptions of materialism and individualism that are so subtle in my own culture must appear just as stark and silly to people of other cultures and countries.

I went back again today to exchange one of the chairs.  Time again to sit and chat.  I learned there use to be millions of Hindus in this region, but now there is only a handful.  Rehka didn't think there were even up to 100.  They have one main temple in town, and she invited me to go visit with her one day.  They go every day to the temple.  I don't know if anything else will come from this, but I do have a new name on my prayer list.

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