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White Day- cause for rejoicing...!

April 6, 2012
Two precious girls entered the kingdom!  WOO-HOO! and HALLELUJAH! 

We had a glorious and much needed rain yesterday... a real "frog stranglin' gully warsher" as my grandpa would say.   As much as we all LOVE rain here, our numbers were down and those who did come were very late.  We had a guest teacher come, Justa, pastor's wife and Sunday school teacher at our city church, Ibungilo.  She taught on the white page- Christ's resurrection and how we can be WASHED CLEAN of all our sins through the blood of Christ.

After Justa finished, I reviewed the meaning of the colors and then said, "Today is a very special day."  All 30(ish) of them got really quiet.  I said, "Today is your day!  If you have never received Christ as your Savior, you can do so today and be washed from all your sins."  Then I read our memory verse for the day, Jn 1:12, and talked about faith.  That to be saved we simply come to Jesus and put our faith in Him and HE washes.

Then I gave them a chance to stand and share a testimony.  "Maybe you have already received Christ today, won't you stand and tell us about it?"  I waited for awhile, then said it a different way to make sure they understood.

Veronica (back left) and Kefliana (back right)
Then Kefliana, a girl about 10 yrs old, raised her hand very shyly.  She stood and said, "Sijampokea Yesu." Translation: "I haven't yet received Jesus."  I was shocked for several reasons... Kefliana is shy, shy, SHY.  It's hard for her to even greet me.  When I see her in church or while we're playing games, I try not to talk to her too much for fear of scaring her away.  I was also shocked because I thought I would break the ice by starting with those who had received Christ.  I figured it would be easier to get someone to stand and say they HAD received Christ (especially because we have 2 rows of active, bold, older boys), before I asked for those who hadn't yet.

I said, "Asante, na wewe ungependa kumpokea leo?"  Translation: "Thank you, and would you like to receive Him today?'  She said yes.  Then her friend sitting next to her said she wanted to too.  They went back to the back to talk with another teacher while I gave other kids a chance to respond.

Praise the Lord... Kefliana and her friend, Veronica, both received Christ as Savior!!!  I LOVE to wonder what kind of REJOICING is going on in heaven because of these two little lost lambs who repented!!!

Pray for our 2 rows of older boys.  The Lord knows which ones have not received Christ yet.  I'm praying that the Lord would BURDEN their hearts with the guilt of their sin, and that they would be desperate enough not to care what others might think if they come forward! 

2 comments on "White Day- cause for rejoicing...!"
  1. Can you hear it? Can you hear it? ANGELS REJOICING! Praising the Lord with you over these two new sisters in Christ!!!!!

  2. REJOICING! Praying that the young boys who are not saved will respond today!!