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Red Day slideshow

April 5, 2012

 While the teenagers and grown ups played volleyball, the kids played with balloons and then a Swahili version of "shipwreck."

Boys cheering because they beat the girls. :-)

The numbers were down a bit, but still a great day!  Ngamba taught on the cross and Christ's blood shed for us.  He referred back to the picture of Adam and Eve several times to clarify... "Why did Christ die? for our sins!"

After showing the picture of Christ on the cross with the 2 thieves on either side, Ngamba took a stick and had Daudi act like he was chewing a tough piece of meat.  He said , "Don't have a hard heart like one of the thieves did.  Don't have a hard heart like a tough piece of meat!  Soften your heart and accept Christ as your Savior like the other thief."

Again, I was so blessed to sit in the back and watch this lesson.  I only gave Ngamba a basic outline of a lesson and the passage in Scripture.  God has given Ngamba the gift of teaching!  He keeps the kids attention and uses creative illustrations... PRAISE HIS NAME!  He equips His saints to do the work of the ministry!

Then Happiness taught the memory verse: Romans 5:8. 

Next... white day!  :-)

4 comments on "Red Day slideshow"
  1. Boys CHEERING after beating girls is a cross-cultural commonality.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Such a blessing to see how God uses his people!

  3. I love to hear their illustrations. Goes to show that when they can learn to teach they are much better at helping the kids relate to the lesson. Praise the Lord for bringing you here to not only work with the children, but to help train nationals to teach and carry on the work of this ministry!

  4. Hey, THANKS for the comments!! Greg, yes... boys will be boys wherever you go! But the girls also cheered when they beat the boys! :-)