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Green Day

April 7, 2012
Green is for GROWING, and our green day was a growing/stretching day for me.  With all the preparations for Easter  at a fever pitch, all my fellow Tanzanian teachers were busy, so that I found myself starting our Kids Crusade by myself.  It was rather awkward, half because I'm not really good at leading games, and the other half because the younger kids (3/4's of the group) don't know Swahili well just their tribal language (Kisukuma).  All the other days a Tanzanian would lead the games and explain it well in Sukuma before they started.  If I would have found myself leading games the FIRST day, it would have been a complete failure.  At least the kids had played several of the games throughout the week and were familiar with them!

One of our Sunday school teachers-in-training was visiting from Mayoka.  Do you remember Alex?  Thankfully he had come to Igekemaja for a few days to help with the evening crusade, so I pulled him in to help us lead the singing time and help with keeping the young one's quiet. 

It was also a GREEN day for me because the lesson for "Green Day" is more of a spiritual application lesson than a story from the Bible, and it's geared for our older kids.  It was a struggle to keep everyone's attention, but I made it through!

Another BLESSING was to have a friend of mine visit and take some pictures.  Thank you, Alicia Hazlett!

Thank you to all for your prayers for this special week.  A personal praise: a felt a greater level of freedom in my Swahili this week.  I still struggled and stumbled of course, but it didn't hinder me from enjoying the week and loving being with the kids each day.  THANK YOU, LORD!

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