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Gold Day

April 3, 2012
Monday was the first day of a week-long crusade at one of our village churches, a crusade leading up to a big Easter service.  Pastor Pele brought a net and I brought a volleyball.  Ngamba hung the net nice and low for the little ones to play.  Everyone was shy and quiet at first... but that didn't last long. :-)

so HAPPY to play with a real ball!
Then we brought all the kids inside for some singing and a lesson.  I taught the first color of the wordless book, GOLD.  I LOVE this lesson.  We talk about things that aren't in heaven (like the sun and churches and medicine) and things that are (like a street of gold, angels, and the Lamb's book of life).  We started with 2 girls and 8 boys, and everyone was pretty quiet and shy at first.  I had to pull out the candy, to reward anyone who would answer a question! :-)  Candy works wonders!   

After the lesson Happiness led the kids in a review game, zonk.  It was like pulling teeth to convince them to try drawing more than one card, everyone was afraid of getting the "zonk" card and losing their points.  By the end some were getting bolder... and by the end of the week we'll probably have trouble keeping them in their seats!


Life can be pretty harsh for kids here.  They get smacked with a stick if they're late to school, and scolded harshly if they don't have the right answer.  Well, NOT in our class!  By God's grace, these kids are going to feel SAFE at church and LOVED and they're going to LAUGH A LOT!

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  1. Love those beautiful faces! I've been praying for a week for your crusade! Candy and praise works well with the children in my class too!