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Evening Crusade

April 11, 2012
Pele setting up the sound equipment

Here’s a few pictures of the evening crusade that Tanzanian pastor, Pelegrino, led at Igekemaja.  Pele did this all on his own, with no help or motivation from the missionaries. 


Screen all set up outside the church, waiting for more people

He rented a screen and projector, which included a man to set them up each evening and run them.  He showed the Jesus film (in their tribal language- Kisukuma) every evening.  One night rather than preaching and then the film, Pele showed parts of the film, then paused it for a few minutes to explain and preach, then showed the next section and so on.  Another night Pastor Petro (another Tanzanian pastor from another of our village churches) preacher.  Another night Pele showed the Passion, a much more graphic, realistic version of the death and resurrection of Christ.  Pele said many women in the audience were weeping. Over 50 people made professions of faith throughout the week!  
Pastor Petro preaching in Kisukuma

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  1. God does more than we could ever ask or think! Praising him for lifting up these men to serve!